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The Four Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

You know you need a bulletproof digital marketing strategy, and you know there are many ways to create one.

Even more confusingly, there are several different elements within any successful marketing strategy.

So, how do you even begin?

Luckily, all successful marketing strategies have a few aspects in common – four, to be more precise.

Nail those, and you are (more than) halfway there. Keep reading as we reveal what these fab four elements are.

1. Your Buyer Persona, or ICP (that’s Ideal Customer Profile)

Before you even begin to sell your products, you need to understand WHO you are going to sell them to.

This awareness is the first step you need to take as it will help you shape and adjust the rest of your marketing strategy.

So, start researching your prospects and try to build your ideal buyer persona, based on factors such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Geographic area
  • Core needs or problems

2. Your Customer Journey

Once you have identified your ICP, you can move on to crafting an awesome customer journey. This is also called a “sales funnel”, and is a specific roadmap that includes a series of different stages that lead a prospect to become a customer.

The customer journey stages are:

  • Awareness: your prospect is just starting to get to know your brand.
  • Consideration: your prospect is familiar with your brand and is considering making a purchase.
  • Purchase: your prospect has turned into a paying customer.
  • Retention: your customer is making repeated purchases over time.
  • Advocacy: your customer is so happy with your products and services that they are willing to provide social proofs for you.

3. Some Amazing (and Original) Content

Now more than ever, consumers crave content that truly speaks to their heart.

This, specifically, means content that is empathetic, authentic, relatable, informative, and original.

Sounds too much? Well, bear in mind that there are lots of different types of content that you can choose to create, depending on what your customers prefer and on your resources and abilities.

Some forms of popular content are:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Social media content

Another important aspect of your content is that it needs to match the specific stage of the customer journey that you are looking to address.

For example, content that targets prospects at the “Awareness” stage will look very different from content for established customers at the “Advocacy” stage, and so on.

4. Irresistible Social Proofs

Remember the word of mouth from when you were in college? That’s basically a precursor of digital social proofs.

Instead of making huge claims about how fabulous your company is, let your customers do that for you – it will sound more genuine, credible, and humble.

And, of course, it will lead more people to want to check you out and buy from you.

Some examples of social proofs include:

  • Customer reviews
  • Customer references and case studies
  • Customer video testimonials

The Takeaway

Creating a strong digital marketing strategy is no easy feat, but if you start by focusing on these four aspects – buyer persona, customer journey, content, and social proof – you are off to a great start.

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