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Public relations can raise awareness for your brand, give credibility to company leaders, and share stories that resonate with customers to keep them coming back. At all times, we work in partnership with your marketing and communications team, as well as company leaders, to create and implement a strategic plan that utilizes the most appropriate public relations tools and tactics for success.

We will aggressively and consistently pursue story opportunities with national, industry, regional, and local media outlets to bring attention to your brand to help you achieve your strategic goal.

We provide you with an easy, affordable solution!

Our Credibility

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uPro is a proud member of the Forbes Communications Council and Entrepreneur Leadership NetworkOur Work Has Been Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, CIO Magazine,, ABC News, and Hundreds of Other Outlets!

Working With Us

  • Build brand awareness in front of massive audiences
  • Gain brand credibility and third party validation
  • Review and approve media lists in advance
  • Easy, flat fee pricing
  • In-depth PR reports to analyze and track media coverage

Our Most Popular PR Packages


One-time Campaign

    • Media pitching for local and industry media. Including media list creation with 100 local or industry media outlets.
    • Development of 2 custom media pitches.
    • Relationship building with key media contacts. Including media pitching and Media follow up.
    • Includes 3 rounds of media follow-ups per contact, per month
    • 10 pitches per month to reporters and bloggers
    • Monitoring trends and media opportunities in real-time with our PR tools
    • We will provide weekly written reports via email to update you on the progress and results of our PR efforts
    • Monthly campaign summary with campaign metrics and analytics
    • 3 month minimum commitment


One-time Campaign

    • The PR Essential Package with the addition of: Social Branding & Posting + Thought Leadership Article Development. Details are below.
    • Social playbook development – A detailed write-up of your branding strategy for social media. Research on relevant hashtags and influencers.
    • Content calendar development to ensure consistency and engagement
    • Customized template design for your social media posts.
    • Social profile banners redesign (if needed)
    • Includes Two (2) social posts per week and cross-posting on the social network of your choice. Available Social Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Business Profile
    • Provide you with one (1) 1000+ word article per month that is SEO enhanced to establish thought leadership
    • 3 month minimum commitment
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The secret to our process is in building relationships with key media contacts, reporters, editors and bloggers. We never mass pitch people, and we don’t spam media contacts with press releases.

When can I expect to see results on my campaign?

MOST of our PR clients start to see some interest from the press within 2-3 weeks. This does NOT mean you’ll receive your placements by then; just that we should start to see some interest by this point.

How often will I get campaign updates?

You will receive an email at the end of every week, between Friday and Sunday, with updates on your campaign.

How do you measure results for the campaign?

We set campaign objectives, and a specific set of goals (or deliverables) for your campaign before we launch the campaign. Every time we meet (or exceed) those goals, we consider the campaign a success! In addition to those benchmarks, we also measure the efficacy of the placements by tracking estimated number of story views, total social shares, etc.

Can I request a story at a specific outlet?

Can you request it? Yes. Can we guarantee it? NO. While we DO offer a guarantee on a minimum number of placements, we can NEVER guarantee placement at a specific outlet. There are way too many variables to guarantee a story at a specific publication, even when we have close relationships with the editors. This is why we work from a list of potential outlets that you approved before we launched the campaign.

What about press releases?

Press releases are not the be all, end all of PR anymore. Some campaigns don’t even need a press release. When we do use a press release, they are ONLY used as a source of additional information for media contacts. We never rely on them to get media coverage; only our relationships and patience can do that.

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