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Digital Marketing Strategies to Check Out In 2023

At the start of every year, marketers need to assess the market for changes and craft new strategies. Digital marketing trends and techniques are constantly evolving, and it’s important to keep track of these changes. If you’re wondering what to watch out for in regard to marketing strategies in 2023, we encourage you to read on.

Video Marketing

We are sure this far in the game, you’ve heard all about Instagram’s Reels. Facebook has now added Stories, and of course, TikTok video marketing is on the rise. In fact, over 90% of marketers that use short-form video content will see an increase in or maintain their investment during 2023!


Short-form videos are actually more effective than long-form videos in terms of getting to the point about a product, brand, or service. While long-form videos can provide a lot of information about a product, brand, or service to audiences, both SMB and B2B marketers have learned that short-form videos can actually be more effective and have a wider reach.

Influencer-Brand Marketing

Businesses can hire an influencer (a celebrity, an online influencer, a YouTuber, etc.) to promote their products. Why? It is more likely that people will try a product or service if someone they know and trust recommends it. Today’s new digital era requires influencer marketing to modernize that concept.


Stats show that 89% of marketers will maintain or increase their investment in influencer marketing by next year. In addition, 17% of marketers plan to invest in it for the first time next year.


Marketers can expand brand awareness and gain fans from the influencer’s own audience by collaborating with influencers and industry thought leaders.


Are you unable to afford a celebrity influencer with millions of followers? It’s okay. More than 56% of marketers investing in influencer marketing work with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are social media promoters with smaller followings (typically thousands to tens of thousands of followers). Because of their higher level of engagement, their posts often pack more punch despite having fewer followers.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Consumers create this kind of content, rather than brands, because it is original and brand-specific. Brands can leverage user-generated content through unboxing videos, makeup reviews, branded hashtags, and photo tags.


Adding user-generated content to your marketing strategy can enhance your brand’s authenticity because anyone can create it. It’s crucial to prioritize authenticity in your marketing strategy now that consumers trust user-generated content 2.4 times more than brand-generated content.

Interactive Content

If you’ve used the internet within the past decade, you’ve likely encountered interactive content. Today’s audience wants content that demands attention, not static posts and passive consumption. So marketers are now developing dynamic, two-way experiences that encourage active engagement from their target audiences. Some of the best examples of interactive content include:


  • Interactive infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Contests
  • Assessments
  • Interactive videos


Unsure where to start with your marketing strategy for 2023? Worry not! Luckily, our amazing team at uPro Digital is ready to help you! Just call us at 877.698.2589, email us at, or fill out our online form to contact us and get started today!

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